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Panda Queen

You think you saw something in the bamboo forest as you walk through it but you quickly shake it out of your head. You keep walking and suddenly something taps on your shoulder. You turn around and to your surprise someone is standing behind you. A little girl not more than 12 years old by the looks of it all dressed in black and white in an unmistakeable pattern that looks just like a panda. She says:

Welcome stranger 
to --PANDA-- aka P.A.N.D.A.'s little haven in the bamboo.
We are a guild in the game Zentia on the Tortoise server
We are currently a casual guild with few rules.

1. Have fun
2. Be nice to Guild mates and strangers
3. Did I mention to have fun?

Do you want to join?
Well you can just apply through the guild NPC located in the major cities. Or leave you in game name on the forums here. Or if everything else fails send an in game mail to Domina.

Guild News

Clean Up

Pandomina, Dec 1, 10 4:48 AM.
Wed the 1st of Dec at 7PM PST.

I will clean up the member list at the above time. If you have not logged in for the last 8 days (and I havent been informed about it) I will kick any inactive players or alts to make room for new recruits.

If you come back and have been kicked from the guild you are welcome to reapply. Just gotta have active people in the guild and not drones.

First upgrade

Pandomina, Dec 1, 10 4:41 AM.
Yesterday I made the first upgrade to our guild daily quests (9.1k dev)

This extra quests is tied to where you before got 1 Cloud rune... You now get that and Butler taoist will offer you another quests where you can get 2 more cloud rune. He will ask you to go talk to Furnace Taoist. Furnance Taoist if the old man between Gbank and Personal bank in Guild Square. Just talk to him to get the 2 runes.

Next we are saving up to is an extra free exp quest. So you can get it twice a day.


Pandomina, Nov 28, 10 6:29 PM.
Yesterday we tried to kill the Essence Beast at tree for the first time.

I am so proud... We made it and it all went almost 100% smoothly (a few death but soon we got the hang of it)
So we killed all 3 Essence Beasts (Wolf, Bear and Fox) YAY for all of you attending.

P.A.N.D.A v 2.0

Pandomina, Nov 25, 10 5:28 AM.
YES YES YES YES YES YES YES (takes a deep breath)

The day is finally here where we got enough point to grow to level 2.
I would like to thank everyone that has worked really hard to get us all the points we need.
Keep doing your loops and daily Guild quests. We need the dev points now more than ever. When we get enough I can buy new quests and extra loops. Meaning more xp... more gold... even more Dev point for the guild.... So we can buy even more... and the circle goes round round round.
When we have the points for it we will also start Guild item production. For that we need to start killing the "Essence Beasts" next to the tree when they spawn. Also any Purple Mica's you get the guild could use since they are needed to make guild items. Just put em in guild bank. Currently "Pili" is holding on to em and we have 8 so far.

Nice work everyone and see you in game.


Pandomina, Nov 22, 10 9:50 PM.

Go there and input your email in the box under the picture..... Check you mail....... Click the link to confirm it...... get your code..... use the code in Token shop "Redeem" part. (buttom left part of the token shop window. Scroll down in the window till you get to Turkey Costume and inset code and you get it in your game mail)


Pandomina, Nov 13, 10 2:49 AM.
On Friday (19th Nov NEW DATE--PANDA-- will host the second weekly "Friday Frenzy Panda Race".
19:00/7PM PST SERVER TIME (Show up before to sign up and be ready)

Race will be from Serene City (Stables south of the city at NPC Teleporter Sun) to Capital City.

It will be divided into 2 categories a level 1-39 and a 40+
(40+ start at 7:00 PM and 1-39 start at 7:05 PM to minimize lag)

Show up (Before 7:00 PM)
[Group 1 ~ 1-39] Any below 40 Mount [Group 2 ~ 40-Whatever] any 40+ mount
Antelopes (120) are recommended for Group 1 and Jackals (135) for Group 2 
(Treent, Jade Pipa, Magic Broom, Bamboo Horse, Blazing Horse or any speed 140 Token shop, Newbie Giftbox or Event mounts are not allowed) 

1. Trade Domina to get the first checkpoint item.
2. Mount up and wait for the signal for the race to begin.
3. The game starts when Domina gives the GO. Any leaving the Horse pen before that and you are instantly disqualified.
4. Race to the checkpoints and open a trade with the Observer (Player) there to get the checkpoint item. If more than 1 player is at the spot please form a rough line and wait your turn. Skipping line and you will be disqualified.
5. When you reach Capital City find Domina somewhere in the City. Open a trade window with her and give her the checkpoint items. An announcement will be made when the winners are found and if you are not among the top 3. Keep, Sell or throw away the checkpoint items you got. Better luck next time.
6. NO PK'ing.. During the race, at check points or at the finish line are allowed. (We will host another PVP race called "Bloody Panda Annihilation Run" at a later time)

Q: But I want to PK someone cause I can.. its a PK game after all... Why can't I?
A: We ask you to respect the simple guidelines for the event. Yes you can PK who you want, when ever you want. But doing so during the event ruins it for the racers that just wanna have fun. (I am sure you can refrain from killing someone for the 20'ish minutes the event takes or find your victim somewhere else)

There will be prizes for both the 1st, 2nd and 3rd below 40 and 1st, 2nd and 3rd 40+ that get through the checkpoints and find Empress Domina in Capital City.

Prizes (might change)

Group 1 (1-39) 
1st place 5 Gold + 1 Gold Chip + 2 Xp package 
2nd place 1 Gold Chips + 1 Xp package
3rd place 1 Xp package

Group 2 (40+) 
1st place 10 Gold + 1 Gold Chip + 2 Xp package 
2nd place 1 Gold Chips + 1 Xp package
3rd place 1 Xp package

Xp package contain (Lantian Jade lv. 5 and Ancient Hetian Jade lv. 6)

Zen Keeper Garlic will be handing out the gold chip and xp package codes from Changyou to the winners.

More info will come soon.

Currently all prize money comes out of Domina's own pockets. (15 gold) If you want to sweeten the pot and sponsor to make the prizes even better send an in game Mail to Domina.

Changyou last week sponsored gold chips and xp packages that did not get won. So thanks to that we can still offer 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Zen Keeper Garlic still has some left
OPEN - Active lvl 25+ apply
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